o, first up, some background. As may or may not have been readily apparent, the last 18months or so haven’t necessarily been the best in the history of The Blackout. We, through one reason or another, left both our label and management, the result being that we were burdened with some pretty substantial debt that needed to be paid. Now, boo-hoo, we’re not going to pretend that we’re the only band that has suffered this kind of setback, nor are we going to protest the fact that we’ve been incredibly lucky over the course of our careers. However, the reality is, it’s been a difficult time, and one that we’re happy to say seems to be behind us now.

Enough of looking back, let’s talk about the future, and more importantly, about new music! We’ve been writing for quite some time now, and we’ve assembled a collection of songs that we’re really happy with. The music in the video above are garage demos of what “Wolves” is going to be all about – aggressive, loud riffs with massive choruses. If you’ve followed The Blackout for a while – and we know a lot of you have, which is amazing – you may remember we’ve been in a similar situation before, at the end of The Best in Town cycle, where a lack of label and funding meant we turned to you guys to make our vision for the future into a reality, that vision became Hope, and we remain eternally grateful to the people that made that record possible.
This Kickstarter is to make another dream a reality. We want to make it clear that this is NOT simply a way to exploit you, or to line our pockets and buy solid gold helicopters. We still make our money from live shows, merchandise etc. EVERY single penny of the money raised in this campaign will go towards the music, the videos, the singles and artwork. We were reticent to do this sort of crowd funding again, as our Pledge campaign was so special and successful, but the reality is there is no other way for us to make new music at this point in time. We don’t want to be dramatic, but our destiny is in your hands. Without you guys, as has been so often the case, this will NOT be able to happen, and we’re doing it ourselves.

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